Liz is a digital marketing and communications consultant with over 10 years experience in helping brands answer the question that begets all other questions: “So what?” Her belief in a holistic approach to marketing starts with product development to determine what type of product a brand should be creating and owning, before considering creative and how to foster a more cohesive user experience across social media, website, email, and packaging through design and messaging. She considers all facets of the organization from culture to supply chain to determine the types of stories a brand should be telling and partnerships it should invest in to foster growth.

Most recently, Liz spent the last two and a half years in her hometown of Nashville helping grow Nisolo, a d2c footwear brand focused on ethical production and sustainable practices. Prior to that, she spent five years in Los Angeles on the agency side supporting brands such as Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. With a passion for small business and female led businesses, she has also lent her efforts to support start-up brands in the fashion and design industries. In addition to a degree in Communications from Pepperdine University, Liz is Google Analytics certified and also a Squarespace Circle member.

A Tennessean at heart, and on the rare occasion, accent, she now lives in Washington, D.C. with her art historian husband, Peter, and nap enthusiast dog, Lucille.

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